BCSC embraces retail property in all shopping formats and all locations. As a valuable forum and acknowledged industry authority, we represent and support members from all aspects of the retail property industry.

We provide an exceptional education programme through our Shopping Centre Management Diploma, produce comprehensive industry and public policy research and guidance, as well as engage with local and national government. Ultimately our aim is to facilitate the exchange of information, provide a forum to do business and influence government policy in order to support the growth of our members’ businesses.

Membership is open to all sections of our industry, from owners to retailers and everything in between. We are a truly inclusive organisation that aims to provide benefits to all our members. Increasingly we are also encouraging local councils to become part of BCSC as we believe providing a forum that brings the public and private sectors together is critical, and no more so than in the current economic and political environment.
Michael Green, Chief Executive, BCSC
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Michael Green
Chief Executive, BCSC
A major benefit of BCSC is our thought leadership programme: the ongoing provision of guidance and good practice on issues that impact all stakeholders in the retail property sector. Through our various committees we produce research on a wide range of issues including; sustainability, regeneration, community engagement, design, government policy and urban development.

Research Published 2010
bullet Secondary Centres: the Impact of the Recession on Secondary Shopping Centres ­ Supported by the BCSC Secondary Centres Taskforce, DTZ was commissioned to undertake a study to establish the magnitude of the issues and problems facing shopping centres and their owners, especially those in secondary locations.
bullet The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme: A Guide for Landlords and Tenants (Second Edition) - This guide compiled by a working party of members of the Green Property Alliance: BCSC, BPF, BRC, BCO, IPF, RICS and the UK Green Building Council, is intended to assist owners and occupiers of commercial property to plan to implement the CRC
bullet Better Towns Centres at Night: Raising the Standard and Broadening the Appeal ­ In partnership with the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM), this report provides an understanding of the challenges facing towns and city centres at night.
Secondary Centres Report
bullet Study into the Provision of Existing Designated Disabled Persons Parking Bays in Off­Street Car Parks in the UK ­ The British Parking Association (BPA), in partnership with the Department for Transport, Mobilise and BCSC Educational Trust commissioned WSP Development and Transportation to undertake a research survey of parking facilities for disabled people in off­street public car parks within the UK.
bullet Stairs, Ramps and Escalators: Inclusive Design Guidance ­ Produced by the Centre for Accessible Environments, this handbook covers the design and specification of steps / stairs, ramps, escalators and moving walks to meet the requirements for inclusive design in non­domestic buildings.
bullet Update of Safer Surfaces to Walk On ­ Reducing the Risks of Slipping ­The initial guidance was intended to give practical guidance to those who design, procure and manage flooring in buildings. The Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) provides an update on the new legislation.
bullet Property Data Report - Through industry collaboration with BCSC, BPF, BCO, IPF and RICS, this document sets out some key facts about commercial property - a sector which makes up a major part of the UK economy.
bullet Occupier Satisfaction Survey - In its fourth year, this annual survey collects the views of a range of occupiers, detailing their experience of working with landlords over the past twelve months.
Upcoming Research 2010 / Spring 2011
bullet BCSC Sustainability Charter 2010 update
bullet Retail Development Pipeline update
bullet BCSC Shopfitting Guide 2010
bullet Measuring the Impact of Voids in Shopping Centres and High Streets
bullet Accelerating Change Towards a Low Carbon Shopping Centre
bullet Retail Property Investment Framework
  And much much more…
The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme
We also have an active educational agenda including;
bullet BCSC CEM Shopping Centre Management Diploma ­This two­year diploma course, run by the College of Estate Management provides well­recognised formal qualifications for shopping centre managers. Over 500 shopping centre managers have completed the course successfully, with some 40 new students entering the diploma course each year.
bullet BCSC is seeking to develop a portfolio of bespoke high level courses in particular subject areas relevant to the industry, which we hope to roll­out in 2011/12.
To find out more about BCSC Research & Education please contact:
Davinder Jhamat, Knowledge and Research Manager
davinder.jhamat@bcsc.org.uk T: 020 7227 4480

BCSC hosts some of the most influential events within the retail industry.

Attracting audiences in their thousands, each event provides members, non­members and industry representatives fantastic networking and deal making opportunities.

Opening doors for delegates to meet with exhibitors, speakers and thousands of industry personnel as well as some of the best minds the industry has to offer; our events provide exclusive access to retail property news, topics and views and cover the issues directly affecting you and the sector.

BCSC also hosts some of the most exclusive award ceremonies, recognising achievements, excellence and outstanding developments within the retail property industry. Held at some of the country’s most reputable venues and available across the country and abroad; our events and awards create unparallel platforms for anyone in the retail industry to do business, engage and sustain maximum growth.
ACE Awards Purple Apple Marketing Awards
BCSC Events
BCSC Events
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BCSC Events & Awards:    
  bullet Annual Conferences & Exhibitions
  bullet Award Scheme and Presentation Dinners
  bullet Study Tours
  bullet Seminars
  bullet Breakfast Lectures
  bullet Drinks Evenings

Please visit www.bcsc.org.uk for a full calendar of forthcoming BCSC events, to make a delegate booking or to find out more about the variety of sponsorship and exhibition packages available.

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BCSC Events

Our public policy unit works to ensure that UK legislation does not undermine our industry’s efforts to provide viable retail­led regeneration projects in towns and cities across the country.

We proactively engage with all political stakeholders to ensure that the positive impact of our industry is known and understood. We have an ongoing dialogue with a number of Government departments including CLG, DECC, BIS and Treasury.

In recent months we have engaged with these departments on a number of policy issues including:


Carbon Reduction Commitment
BCSC continues to hold discussions with Government about the complexity of this scheme. The Chancellor’s recent Comprehensive Spending Review completely changed the fundamentals of this scheme, with the Government now set to benefit from the scheme rather than recycling payments back to the best performing companies. We are working with industry partners through the PIA/GPA to interrogate the Government’s most recent proposals carefully.

Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
BCSC has held a number of meetings with CLG and other political stakeholders to stress the industry’s support for a roll out of DECs to the non­domestic sector.

Green Deal
The Energy Bill is set to contain measures to introduce a Green Deal for non­domestic property. This deal will provide the owners of property the opportunity to upgrade their stock to meet higher sustainability standards by accessing finance through a third party provider. There will be no capital outlay by the property owner, with the third party provider paying for the modifications and recouping their investment via the energy bills.

BCSC is working with officials to ensure that the exact form that the policy will take will be applicable to the many different energy arrangements that exist in multi­let properties such as shopping centres.


As has now become quite clear, the localism agenda looks set to percolate through most areas of public policy, from strategic planning right through to health care provision. There is significant level of concern amongst some local authority members regarding just how they are to cope with a) meeting their current statutory obligations, b) providing non­statutory services to a high standard, and c) expanding their operation to take on some of their new responsibilities. This may have a direct impact on our industry as authorities are forced to make cut backs to all departments, including planning.

Looking to specific proposals, uncertainty remains relating to the exact functions of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). Going forward, we will be continuing to engage on this issue to ensure that the localism agenda is fit for purpose when it is brought to life through the passing of the Decentralisation Bill in the autumn 2010.


Tax Increment Finance (TIF)

Over the past 18 months we have been engaging with Government and other industry groups on the introduction of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) as a means of bridging the viability gap. We have clearly set out our belief that a specific TIF variant – known as Local Tax Re­investment Programme (LTRIP) ­should be introduced urgently. Unlike other tax increment proposals, including ADZs, we believe that the introduction of LTRIP transfers risk to the private sector for upfront infrastructure investment without relying on public sector money and in our view does not require primary legislation. LTRIP works on the basis of expenditure being financed by the developer’s own resources, and the developer is then repaid out of a tax increment, from increased business rates, as and when it arises. Thus the local authority can entirely transfer to the developer the construction risk and the risk that the tax increment will fall short of expectations. We will continue to press the case for LTRIP with Government as it reviews its strategy for sub national economic growth.

Business Rates
Retailers are intensive users of property, accounting for roughly 25% of all business rates paid to Government – a contribution of around £6 billion per annum - and in comparison to other countries such as the US and Australia, business rates in the UK already account for a greater proportion of the retailers’ occupancy costs. According to Treasury’s most recent Budget forecasts income from business rates will exceed income from council tax in 2011/2012, indicating a significant shift in the balance of funding for local services from households to businesses. BCSC is therefore actively involved with Government Ministers and officials to establish ways to reduce the impact of escalating business rates on retailers’ profitability, specifically calling for the reintroduction of empty property rate relief and a lower than inflationary increase in retailers’ 2011/2012 rates bills.


BCSC continues to work with our colleagues at ICSC Europe to ensure that the voice of retail property is heard in Brussels. In the past year we have worked with partners in the European Parliament to ensure that environmental Directives do not set unachievable targets. We also look to work with UK officials to support the process by which the EU directives are translated into UK law.

Community Engagement
Following the establishment of the new Sustainability and Community Engagement Committee, BCSC is working to demonstrate to Government the positive role that our industry plays in supporting communities with employment, a safe and secure space, training, development and charitable support.

To find out more on BCSC Government Relations please contact:
Edward Cooke, Executive Director
edward.cooke@bcsc.org.uk T: 020 7227 3481


We represent our members by producing comprehensive research, engage with local and national government and voice policy issues that directly affect them and the retail property industry.

Our events including our Annual Conference, Dinners, Workshops and Seminars are just some of the opportunities allowing our members to network, discuss key industry issues and meet with other members and industry professionals.

With media contacts from national and local press, we are able to use our insight, knowledge, expertise and information to promote retail industry news.

Our members benefit from exclusive services. Discounted rates on major industry events, free publications and guidance notes throughout the year; and gain access to exclusive data and market intelligence.

All BCSC members receive bulletins, updates, views and news and invitations to some of the industry’s most influential events on a regular basis.

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